Custom Plastic Pipe Thermal Pressure Forming

Tri Custom Manufacturing specializes in custom plastic pipe thermal pressure forming. There are a lot of companies that pressure form plastic sheets, but we specialize in pressure forming plastic pipe. Pressure forming utilizes pressure to a piece of heated plastic pipe and is blown to the shape of the mold.

Our molds are far advanced than most competitors. We are able to control the temperature for faster production times, better quality parts and lowered costs. With our manufacturing methods we are able to produce tight tolerances, great detail on the mold surface and better material distribution.  

Advantages of Pipe Pressure Thermal Forming compared to Injection Molding:
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Shorter lead-times to market
  • Ability to form large parts - up to 108" long
  • Excellent quality/volume/price ratio
  • Shorter setup times
  • Usually shorter cycle times

Orleans Belly

Twist Baluster

Victorian Baluster