Pre-formed Faux Rock Pillar Post

Large Faux Pillar Column
Large Pillar with Stack Section

Gray Pillar
Teton Gray Color

Brown Pillar
Brown Color

Stack Section Dimensions

Pyramid Cap Stone Pillar   Flat Cap Stone Pillar   Stack section
Post with Pyramid Cap                          Post with Flat Cap                             Stack Section

Ledge Stone Faux Rock Pillar
One pillar and two stack sections used. The contractor installed a pillar every five posts.

Faux Rock Pillar
Pillar shown with Pyramid Cap

Flat Cap with Pillar
Pillar with Flat Cap - Picket Fence

Flat Cap with Stack Sections
Pillar with Flat Cap

Faux Rock Pillar
Flat Cap Pillar

Gate Faux Pillar
Pillar used with Gate Operator - Hides the Operator

Before Shot of Gate Pillar After Shoot of Gate Pillar
Before and after pictures of Faux Rock Pillar installed to hide Gate Operator

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